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mohammed (2008)

Mohammed cuenta la historia de un joven francés de origen argelino, ciego que canta en los trenes del metro de París. Un corto sobre la ceguera, sobre estar lejos de tu país y sobre la familia.

Mohammed tells the story of a young french men from Algeria, blind that sings in the subways of Paris. A short film about blindness, about being away from your country and about family. 


Shortfilm: docu-ficción Length: 6:17
Production, Direction, Camera, Editing and Screenplay by Nayra Ilic


ANA (2006)

Two women are changing their lives, one is leaving while the other one is returnig. Although.... Maybe they are sharing the same life.

Short Film: Ficción, Length: 14min
Cast: Natalia Grez, Sofía Geldrez, Sebastián Brahm, Matías Oviedo
Production, Direction and Screenplay: Nayra Ilic
Cinematographer: Felipe Vázquez
Camera: Tomás Yovanne
Art Direction: Bárbara Rebolledo
Costume: Manuela Jara
Sound: Sebastian Zahr
Musical adaptation of Franz Schubert's Der Doppelganger by Max Zegers
Performer: Francisca Benítez
Postproduction sound: Syncronix


AM (2006)

A woman wakes up in a place she doesn't recognize, she thinks about leaving, but little by little, the blurry morning starts to come to focus.

Short Film Ficción, Length: 10:49 min

Cast: Fernanda Urrejol and Fernando "Pitón" Balmaceda
Direction and Screenplay : Nayra ilic
Production: Karla Kri, Nayra Ilic
Cinematographer: Nicolás Canobra
Camera: Tomás Yovanne
Art Direction: Bárbara Rebolledo
Sound Postproduction: Syncronix