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Bird of Prey

Feature film in development

Director: Nayra Ilic

Producers: Gabriel Cáceres, Nayra ilic

Screenplay: Nayra Ilic, Gabriel Cáceres

Bird of prey



In Santiago, Chile, mutilated bodies are found one by one, forming the trail of a murder. However, in the life of Andres (38), a lower-level executive in a bank, that has little importance, since his own life is going adrift. Dating his ex girlfriend, Carla (39), meet Frank (50) a guy  that practice Falconery. The three begin a disturbing relationship wich will wind up breaking at the hands of the hidden killer stalking the city.


Bird of Pray of Nayra Ilic.  Participated in Australab at the 2013 Valdivia International film Festival.  It was selected at the  2014 EAVE Chile . It won best project at 2014  Viña International Film Festival in Training and Networking.  The screenplay was selected in Habana Latinoamerican script contest, and it was invited to be at  2015 the Independent filmmaker project: ifp in New York.