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Basics of Astronomy

Feature Film in early development

Director: Nayra Ilic

Producer: Gabriel Cáceres

Screenplay: Nayra Ilic

basics of astronomy

basic of astronomy 2.jpg


It's a warm summer of 1986 and in the US the tragedy of the Challenger takes places, Chile is still under a dictatorship and in the old beach house, Francisca (16) is dealing with the death of her father, an old astronomer. Her mother wants to sell their old beach house, but Francisca, who hasn't yet accepted her father's death, see his soul roaming the place. The new looks of men and her developing body is telling her that everything is changing.  After having sex for the first time, Francisca realizes that her mother too is not going to be around forever and that to live is to remake yourself daily.


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Basics of Astronomy is the second feature film of Nayra Ilic as a Screenwriter and as a Director.  it's in an early stage of development.